If you want to know how to make a great dish, you follow a recipe. If you follow the exact same recipe every time, you will get the exact same results every time. The key is to use the same ingredients and the same procedures otherwise you will get a different result. This is a simple scientific fact.

So here's your tip - treat your marketing like a recipe book and start gathering together a few of your favorites.

Contact some of the top producers in and out of your area and ask them specific questions about their strategies. Sometimes the ones outside your area will give this information more freely.

You'll be amazed at the information that they will share with you. Then copy their strategies (their "recipes") and do them just as they have told you.

Don't reinvent the wheel! The top producers didn't get there because of blind luck but because of their proven strategies and their ability to implement them.

I have a friend that invited a top producer from out of his area to come stay at a condo on the beach close to his house. He enjoyed a beach vacation during the day and then had dinner every night with my friend. During these dinners, he shared all of his strategies! Once you get top producers talking, they'll go on for hours because they love what they are doing. They are passionate about real estate. So get them going then shut up and listen, listen, listen.

Even though my friend said it was the best $1,500 he ever spent, you don't have to have someone come visit you for a week. You can take them to dinner, buy two tickets to a sporting event and have a meal on the way, schedule a round of golf, or ladies have a day at the spa, anything to nail them down with you, for an hour or two. This time will be the best seminar you will ever go to.

Speaking of seminars, you can gather more information when you are attending seminars. Instead of trying to meet the keynote speaker, spend your time asking fellow attendees what strategies are working for them.

The funny thing is that for every 100 people that hear this message, only 5 will act on it. This simple fact is why 5% of the people earn 95% of the money. You can be part of the 5%!